Curse Reverse

Accessibility Statement

Accessibility for educational games is a work in progress across the industry. We continually seek solutions to make our products fully accessible and we strive to adhere to established standards for accessibility and usability on each new project. Some of our older products may not be accessible in all areas, and have not been optimized for current accessibility recommendations. Here, we offer the content and approach of this game, so that learners are better able to find alternative content and ways of learning.

Content of the game

Tomb Raiders have stolen prized treasures from different locations, instilling a curse. The player is charged with returning the treasure in the least number of moves to advance levels and collect all three stars.


Approach & Input devices
This game uses point-and-click via mouse or trackpad for UI navigation and uses the keyboard for character navigation (either arrow or W,A,S,D keys.) Both keyboard and mouse are needed in order to play this game.
Ambient noise is used and can be turned on/off via on-screen controls; however, the game can be completed without sound.
Color blindness
Graphics for the game were created to look understandable to those with anomalous trichromacy – red/green/blue weakness – and/or dichromatism – red/green/blue blindness – and tested using the Coblis Color Blind Simulator, the Sim Daltonism app, and other browser-based color blindness and color contrast checkers to ensure the game is understandable and appealing to those with different vision abilities.
Visual Aspects
Zooming options are present during gameplay. The game depends heavily on visual graphics for gameplay. Font color, size, and type cannot be adjusted.
Cognitive Aspects
This game does not contain a practice mode. However, the player is able to familiarize themselves with gameplay within the first level with little to no repercussions.
This game is playable through HTML5-compatible browsers on laptop and desktop computers, but it is not supported on chromebook, mobile, or tablet devices.
This game is available in English and will be available in Spanish in the future.
Fine Motor Skills
This game contains some problems that may be solved faster with higher manual dexterity. However, the player may take as much time as they need to solve problems and still receive maximum stars. It also includes elements that need to be dragged, requiring some fine motor precision.
Letterboxed subtitles are present. Audio cues are accompanied by visual cues.